Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:     Do you have a list of approved builders?

A:     Manderley is an open development in that you may bring your choice of builder.  Your building contractor must show that he or she has successfully built luxury homes in this price range in the past, and must agree to follow our architectural requirements.  You are building your dream home; we want you to work with the builder with whom you feel most comfortable to make that process go as smoothly as possible.  If you do not have a builder in mind, we can suggest local builders you may wish to interview.

Q:    What is the price range for homes in Manderley?

A:     Homes in this subdivision range from the upper $400,000s to over $1 million. 

Q:     Is the development within the city limits of Kansas City? 

A:     Manderley is located within the city limits of Kansas City.  In addition, Manderley is supported by all Kansas City services, including water and sewer. 

Q:     What schools will my children attend?

A:     Children in Manderley attend the AAA-Rated Liberty Public Schools.  Currently, grades K-5 attend Warren Hills Elementary, grades 6-7 attend South Valley Middle School, grades 8-9 will attend South Valley Junior High, and grades 10-12 attend the brand new Liberty North High School, which is located 1/2 mile from Manderley.   (Beginning in the Fall 2013, Liberty Public Schools will reconfigure their mid-level schools.  At that time, grades 6-8 will attend Liberty Junior High, and grades 9-12 will attend Liberty North High School.)  For more information on Liberty Public Schools, visit the LPS website.

Q:     What about real estate commissions?

A:     We do not charge real estate commissions at Manderley.  At many developments, even if you build a custom home, you will pay 6% of the total cost of your home and lot to the Realtor marketing the development.  At Brownfig Development, we would prefer that you put that money into your home or use it however you wish.  So, keep this in mind when you are comparing Manderley to other developments:  if you build a $500,000 house (including your lot), you will save $30,000 in real estate fees at Manderley, as compared to what you might spend at other developments. 

         Obviously, a Realtor can be an invaluable resource in constructing your new home.  If you have a Realtor you would like to use to help you in this process, all Buyers' Realtors are welcome. It is up to you how you want construction of your dream home to work.  But, to give you the best price on your lot, Brownfig Development is not represented by a Realtor.

Q:     What common areas and amenities does the development have?

A:     At the entrance to the development, there are two ponds and a wooded walking trail that are open to homeowners.  The east pond and walking trail lead to an amphitheater which will be used for community gatherings and events.  We anticipate holding concerts and movie nights in the amphitheater. 

Q:     What utilities are available in Manderley?

A:     Manderley is supported by Missouri Gas Energy natural gas, KCP&L for electricity, KCMO Water Services, KCMO sanitary and storm sewer, Time Warner Cable, and AT&T U-Verse.